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Welcome to the Court Operations Division

In 2019 the New Mexico Supreme Court issued an Order to consolidate the administrative functions of the magistrate courts under the authority of the judicial district courts. Prior to that, the magistrate courts were administered by the Magistrate Court Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts. The Court Operations Division grew out of the prior Magistrate Court Division.

Our mission is to provide assistance with the daily operations of court administration within the New Mexico state courts. The Court Operations Division provides support services in the following areas: magistrate court legal advising, magistrate court facilities maintenance, court security services, internal case processing review, court management training and support, warrant support, customer service, citation processing, and municipal court automation support. Our goal is to enhance procedural fairness by supporting streamlined, best practice procedures within the courts, and ensuring that court customers and employees are able to conduct the business of the courts in a safe and secure environment.