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Court Operations Division


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Central Operations

 Our Mission

Central Operations serves the Judiciary by providing excellent customer service, quality routine case processing and thoughtful compliance service to the courts of New Mexico. We accomplish this through our advanced knowledge, flexible availability and steadfast commitment to our internal and external customers.


Our Vision

Central Operations is dedicated to team work through our ongoing training and whole organization approach to every court we serve. Enhanced customer service is provided by offering expanded hours and focusing on responsiveness and first call resolution. Expanded hours make us available to court customers on their terms and enhances understanding of the court process and improves compliance. We resolve disputes fairly and relieve the resource burden on the courts. By continuing to seek technological advantages and consistently reviewing our process, we provide the highest level of understanding and consistently seek to improve our relationships with the courts and their confidence in their work.


Citation Processing Unit

Citation Processing Unit processes all penalty assessments and this unit is the primary contact for any person with a penalty assessment case
pending in the Courts

Customer Service Unit

The Customer Service Unit serves the Judiciary by assisting the public with answering general case processing questions and provides forms and documents to callers as needed. We are often the first point of contact for the courts and strive to meet the callers needs by providing excellent service.

Compliance Unit

Court Compliance Unit processes all FTP Summons and Warrants, some FTA Summons and Warrants, and does the Warrant Validations for all agencies for each Court and Data clean up for all cases reviewed. This unit is the primary contact for any person with outstanding bench Warrant in any Magistrate Court.